The Unique Blogger Award.

What a lovely surprise! Thank you, dear Audra, (Audra’s Book Blabbing) for nominating me for this award! I only started blogging little over three monthsRead More


Last week I discovered, that I have almost ran out of dried leaves and flowers. We use them for decorating and card making. Me andRead More

Birth affirmations. Junk Journal.

Hi. During my second pregnancy I decided to start journaling/ scrapbooking, including positive thoughts and affirmations, to inspire myself for positive birth experience. My 1stRead More

The Travel Journal DIY

  Hi, guys, just wanted to share images of the Travel journal I made out of different materials, that were laying around the house- cardboards,Read More

Recreating old photos…

Over Christmas me and my Goddaughter recreated one of the old photos, taken 10 years ago. (Where did time go?!) This decision was rather spontaneous,Read More