Family | in the kitchen

The best way to store carrots.

Hey, friends. Carrots? What? It feels like an odd one, right? But I have decided to share more of my everyday life here, on the blog, besides- Carrots are one of my favourite veggies. Are you finding it hard to keep carrots fresh and end up throwing out bunch of them every week? Does this […]

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Book-aholism | shhh, I'm reading...

About my book-reviews.

Hi, friends. I know, I should have written this post, before I started writing book reviews, but, as my grandma says- “better later than never”. So here goes: When I joined Goodreads, few years ago, I read several posts on book reviews, most of them titled “How to do book reviews like a pro”, “How […]

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Ireland | Travel

Driving Through Waterford

Hi, guys, if you follow me on Instagram, you know, that we have been in Tramore yesterday. Traveling with kids is never easy, but this was something! Youngest throwing up, oldest asking “are we there yet?” over and over again and on arrival falling into the water within first 10 minutes, (this is the short […]

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Book-aholism | poetry

Hroswitha. In Praise Of Virginity.

Hroswitha. In Praise of Virginity. Look now, bride of God, what splendour on earth awaits you, what glories, too, in Heaven- Look now, bride of God! Joyful gifts you’ll get, festive, brilliant with torches. See there, the bridegroom comes! Joyful gifts you’ll get. And you will play new songs, plucking sweet sounds from strings; hailing […]

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celebration | Family

12 Unique Wedding Rings on the Budget.

Hi, ladies. We are on the treasure hunt for the budget friendly and unique wedding bands, so if you are planning a wedding and still haven’t chosen a wedding ring, then this post may be for you. Today we feature 12 Alternative Wedding Rings. All of them cost under €100. Romantic. Solid Sterling Silver, leaf […]

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Family | on my mind...

A Dozen Things That Make Me Happy

Hi, friends. Lets talk about HAPPINESS today. Not the happiness caused by lifechanging events such as falling in love or becoming a parent. No, let’s talk about small, everyday things, that bring us joy, yet we often take them for granted. So here is my list. 1. Tidy House.   The objective of cleaning is […]

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