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Poem by Chairil Anwar. Me.

November 26, 2018

Hi, guys.
If you love poetry you are in for a treat, because today I came across this powerful poem written by Indonesian poet- Chairil Anwar (1922-1949), who rebelled against Dutch colonial rule, and wrote with intense passion. A poem “Me” also known as “Aku” was chanted during rallies and protests in the declaration of rebellion.
You can learn more about Chairil Anwar here

Chairil Anwar


When my time comes
No one’s going to cry for me,
And you won’t, either

The hell with all those tears!

I’m a wild beast
Driven out of the herd

Bullets may pierce my skin
But I’ll keep coming,

Carrying forward my wounds and my pain
Until suffering disappears

And I won’t give a damn

I want to live another thousand years

Translated from the Indonesian by Burton Raffel.

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