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Nora Roberts. Suzanna’s Surrender.

November 5, 2018

Hi, there. Post about Nora Roberts book today. You know I love Nora Roberts novels,  right? Well, I really do. Why? Because her heroes are loveable and real and her stories are romantic.

Suzanna’s Surrender is a Book 4 in The Calhoun women series, but I read it as a stand alone book (which I regret hahaha). I should have started from the book one, just because it was so interesting, but there was no confusion for me, the plot was easy to understand.

Suzanna is a single parent. Her family is searching for lost emerald necklace, but so does obsessed thief. Holt is a retired policeman. Together they will try to solve Calhoun family’s mystery and maybe even fall in love…

Suzanna’s Surrender kept me up late into the night and made my tear up a little more than other books by Nora Roberts- good bit more, to be honest. It was sweet and romantic book, full of passion between lovers and super close family relationship, with sad history from decades ago.

Holt Bradford was N. Roberts’s typical male hero- rough around the edges, handsome, but quite rude, even violent, I can’t say I like it, in fact, it irritates me, yet I love the book. Strange thing, but if you are a fan of Nora Roberts, you should understand.

Which is your favourite N. Roberts book?
Talk soon.