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November 1, 2018

For in wisdom there is a spirit intelligent and holy, unique of it’s kind, made up of many parts, subtle, free-moving, lucid, spotless, clear, invulnerable, loving what is good, eager, unhindered, beneficent, kindly towards others, steadfast, unerring, untouched by care, all-powerful, all-surveying, and permeating all intelligent, pure, and delicate spirits… the man who rises early in search of her will not grow weary in the quest, for he will find her seated at his door.

The Apocrypha from “The Wisdom of Solomon”

This is one thing I wanted to share with you today, my dear friends. Beautiful thought provoking quote from The Book of Wisdom.
The Wisdom Of Solomon was originally written in Greek, dating back to 2nd Century BC, it was created in Alexandria-Egypt. This book is a Jewish work, dedicated to Wisdom.

Talk soon.