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Oh, How I wish Halloween wasn’t a thing…

October 30, 2018

I hate Halloween. Everything about it feels wrong. It is a celebration of evil, the day to take joy in the darkness. It is not natural for human nature, which thrives in kindness and love. Unfortunately we also take part in it, because my son has such a fun doing trick or treat. We too, carved pumpkin last year, and had a scary bat displayed on our door… There are no “decorations” in our house this year, but the costumes are still here… My son already wore skeleton costume to school for the Class Halloween Party last week. I wouldn’t go as far as allowing him to smear red paint on his clothes and body to pretend it’s blood, not that he would like to do it. I would rather he wore something nice like a fireman or a superman, but the skeleton costume is the one he chose last year and it still fits him, I will try to find something much nicer for the next year though, to try to take the horror aspect out of his costume. They were talking a lot about Halloween in school and were doing Halloween crafts too, I wish they did not, because it is Catholic school, but I imagine school administration also feel pressured to take part in this popular event. I wish they just celebrated Autumn, for it’s bright colours and the harvest and the chill in the air, the orange pumpkins and the vibrant leaves… As I read online about Halloween I came across this interesting quote, which definitely puts things into perspective-

 I’m glad that Christian parents let their children worship the Devil at least one night out of the year

Anton Levey, The funder of Satanic Church.


See, friends, even if we do not directly worship the Devil, we actually do take part in the celebration of Satanic Holiday. Does that make you feel uneasy? Welcome to the club.

Does your family celebrate Halloween?


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  1. My family celebrates Halloween as a day to dress up and eat candy. I think it’s all about how you take it. If you use Halloween for demonic worship and witchcraft, then it’s a terrible holiday. But, my family uses it as a day to have a party for our church friends, eat good food, dress up, and sing praises to God. That’s why I like Halloween!

  2. Great post! In Australia, Halloween is not part of our tradition or culture and is mainly seen as another seasonal money spinner. It does happen but more as a novelty for children who eventually grow out of it. Personally I think there’s enough real-life gruesomeness in the world without making it a special day. Smiles instead 🙂