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15 Gift Ideas For 7 Years Old Boys.

October 30, 2018

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I am so excited to share boys gift ideas with you. Christmas is around the corner and I am trying my best to be perfectly well organized this year. Fingers crossed everything goes according to the plan. (as always hahaha) Have a look at my gift ideas and tell me what you think.

  1. Volcano kit.

National Geographic Volcano kit.  Manufacturer recommendation 6-14 years age. 7 years old will probably need grown up’s help, but excitement of watching handmade volcano erupt will be so worth it! Take care when using chemicals included, always follow instructions and keep away from small children.

2. Mega Marble Run.

My son started to show interest in marbles from the age of 5, but only now I would consider getting him a marble run, because I know he will take care of this toy and play responsibly. There is some unexplainable satisfaction watching those colourful marbles make their way down. Even adults will enjoy this game.

3. Dominoes.

Oh, the good old dominoes- the classic! Modern technologies are taking over children’s playrooms, which makes me incredibly sad, but it doesn’t have to be this way, we can keep old traditions alive and teach our children to appreciate and enjoy the games of our childhood.

4. Clockwork Wind Up Tin Robot.

This small robot is amazing. It will be great to play with and also will look awesome on the boys bookshelf or the desk. Excellent keepsake.

5. Monopoly Junior.

The game of skill which will provide hours of fun. A win-win. Definitely on the list for my fella.

6. Connect dots activity books.


My son is using adult dot to dot books, easy reaching 700+ dots without assistance, but that’s just because he has been doing them for ages, however there are much more choices for beginners. I find these books are excellent in many ways- relaxation, quiet time, counting numbers, colouring fun, portable- pop in your bag and take with you to keep child busy. (doctors appointment, airport, friends wedding etc etc)

7. K’NEX  Model building set.

K’NEX model building set is excellent for boys with rich imagination, they really can create anything with this set.

8. Airfix. Model building kits.

I could see son and dad (or grandad and grandson) spend quality bonding time together building this airplane. Car would be easier to make, so probably no assistance will be needed. Great for display purposes in the boys room.

9. Watch.

At the age of 6, kids start to learn time. My son, aged 7, hasn’t perfected the skill just yet, I think this watch is amazing, because it helps child to learn minutes. And it looks cute!

10. Maze Book.

11. Lego.

Because every boy loves Lego. That’s why. hahaha

12. Walkie Talkies

I know these say 4-6, but if the child has never had a walkie talkie before, the easier to use it is, the better. This is perfect gift for kids with siblings, for those who spend lots of time outdoors.

13. Scooter.

Boys love scooters.  Perfect for City, not so for rural areas.

14. Trampoline.

If you have a super-active child, trampoline is a must. Now one needs a little bit of back yard for this gift. Not for the city, but perfect for countryside. Even grownups will enjoy this gift.

15. Toy Vehicles.



That’s it for today. I will be back with more ideas soon. Hope you enjoyed this post, share your opinions in comments.

If you choose to purchase any of these toys through my blog, I may receive a small  financial reward, with no extra cost to you. Thank for supporting my blog.

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