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Giving up on series half way through…

October 28, 2018

Hey, friends booklovers. Today I will talk about The Luxe series by Anna Godbersen and this post will contain spoilers,  if you are planning to read these books and want to be surprised (not necessary in the pleasant way), then maybe you can come back to this post after you are finished. There are 4 books in the Luxe series, but luckily I did not invest in the fourth book just yet, (even though I did see it here) It would have been such a waste of money… Let me explain you why is that.
I was over the moon with the first book. In The Luxe I already identified my favourite characters- Diana and Henry. Their love affair started in the first book, but as I previously wrote here, Elizabeth was the heroine of the book 1, so it was only logical, that it was her, who found happy-ever-after ending in that book. I already had book 2 in series, called- Rumours, in which, I expected Diana and Henry to celebrate their wedding. Moreover, Rumours started with the teaser of the wedding, in which Henry was a groom. The bride wears her mother’s dress, which, I suspected could have only been Diana, because of their poor financial situation, and just because she was meant to be the heroine in this book. Brides identity wasn’t revealed, before we were thrown back in time following Elizabeth’s alleged drowning. But the book wasn’t what it seemed, and the ending was devastating for everyone involved, including the death of one male hero and the loveless marriage of another. I was in shock, I sat motionless, looking at the wall with the book in my lap, for good half an hour, wondering at what happened and why did author cruelly destroy happiness of four main characters of her novels. This did not fit the pattern of the happy-ever-after romance books that I love. I did not feel comfortable or relaxed reading it and I suspected that I shouldn’t have judged these books by their gorgeous covers. The story wasn’t pretty at all… I started reading Envy, which is book 3 in The Luxe series, but after first few pages in which we see that Diana is still suffering, I skipped to the final two pages and learned that my favourite heroes do not find their happiness in this book either… What is happening? Why author strings us along, without offering satisfying ending? Because I haven’t got the final book in the series, I headed to the Goodreads to read reviews on the Splendour- the final book. First thing I learned, was, that people felt torn and couldn’t say for certain weather they liked it or not. Authors beautiful writing was mentioned several times, but more than that, people mentioned “surprise” yet- “Unsatisfying” and “Disappointing” ending. Particularly for Henry. I needed to know more so I found the review with spoilers (Thank you very much!) which explained that Diana and Henry walk their separate ways in the end… Several reviewers said, that they will pretend this end did not happen, and will re-write it in their own mind, making Diana and Henry reach their Happy-ever-after moment… I knew then, that there is no way I will go through the torture of reading two more books, to end up in this heart-breaking place. And why would I, for me, the rule of romance is a happy ending. I see absolutely zero point to invest emotionally in the characters, just to see them left in the sad and uncertain place in the end. No this one is not for me.
This is a first time that I have to give up on series. But its not often, that I read series, where books are not written as a standalone read. So, this is the rare and sad experience for me, which I do not care to repeat any time soon.


I do not know what to do with these books, they are pretty, but I would be ashamed to even give them to someone else. Maybe I can use them for crafts or make altered journal-books out of them. I will never re-read these series. Never ever.
Have you ever given up on series? Share your reasons in comments.
Thanks for reading.