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On The Night You Were Born. Nancy Tillman.

October 6, 2018

Hello, friends. Recently we celebrated my sons second birthday, I wanted to give him special book, with kind words and loving message, so this was it.  On The Night You Were Born, is such a lovely book, first time I read it to him, it brought tears to my eyes, and he loved it too. The message is simple, its about how special this baby is and how world celebrated the moment he (or she) was born.


I can not say that I love illustrations 100%, but there is certain charm to them, and my son seems to be happy to point out at the things he sees. This book is perfect for bedtime read, and talks about the night, child was born, there are moon images on every page.

This book is perfect gift for the baby and will make beautiful keepsake. If you are interested you can buy it here.

Thanks for reading.

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