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Autumn vibes.

September 21, 2018

Hi, ladies, how are things? If you follow me on IG, you know about my toothache- it’s been a week. Dentist gave me an option of extraction or root-canal treatment, and after doing some research, I think I will go for extraction, once I get an appointment, that is… It must be toothache epidemic here, dental surgeries are super busy, ah well…
On a brighter note, I have been so inspired by Autumn colours, my creativity just took of to another dimension, I can barely keep up with my ideas, leave alone realise them… I am actively taking notes, working on my journals, colouring and sewing… and reading of course! Style wise- it’s bright and warm colours all the way!

Soon will be 2 years since I birthed my second child and my belly, however imperfect, is still one of my favourite body parts, because I remember those tiny feet, kicking from within…
I have an appointment with hairdresser tomorrow- yup, because she always finds the time for me, not like that awful dentist…hahaha

I am wearing zero make up in these photos. I would love to be able to avoid chemicals as much as possible, but really, our life is designed in a way, that use of toxins has become unavoidable. Quite sad, don’t you think?
Another thing you will notice about me, is that I am almost never tanned, I do not do fake tan, it’s not for me. Unfortunately not many people find pale skin beautiful, but I have never felt less pretty because of that, I am who I am. What is your opinion on the pale skin? I have often heard that warm colours suit tanned girls best, but I feel quite comfortable wearing warm colours. Inspired by autumn, I have put on my shopping list this top and this blouse. But the winner dress for autumn would be this beyond cute Calvin Klein sweater-dress. I am still decluttering and managed to sell 4 unwanted items this week, locally, which is awesome. All these little things keep me busy, plus I am walking my son to and from the school all week, and it done wonders to my mood. Nothing beats fresh air and the exercise! My toddler has been rebellious this week and boycotted dinner naps, it slows down my works in progress, but what can mama do, the rule is- kiddos come first! So lets just hope he will get back to his sleeping routine soon, those 1-2 hours are so much needed!

So, that’s it for now, thanks for reading, have a nice day!