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Classic books I want to read, before I die.

August 15, 2018

Hello, friends, booklovers! This post is inspired by Audra, our friend, from Audra’s Book Blabbing , where she recently shared her fabulous Classics TBR list. Taking example of her, I decided to share my own TBR list too. My whole list contains over 1000 books (and keeps growing fast), but Classics are quite small part of it, as I am not a fan. But they are on my list, and I will read them… When the time feels right, because I want to enjoy and fully appreciate these masterpieces of  literature.

1. Jane Austen.

Pride and Prejudice is on the top of my Jane Austen list, but in my lifetime, I plan to read the whole collection. Too ambitious? I do not think so, maybe as an old lady, it will give me a reason to keep going… (Hey, grandma, you can’t kick the bucket yet, there are 2 more Jane Austen’s books on your list! + about 5000 romance novels)

2. Emily Bronte.  Wuthering Heights

I have heard some bad reviews about this book. I have heard some good reviews about this book. I am curious. Will I love it, or will I hate it? I must read it to find out.

3. Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre.

Ah, the good old Jane Eyre! I saw the movie, but the books are always better! And please do not shame me for not reading this book before. I wasn’t ready…

4. Homer. The Iliad and The Odyssey.

Perhaps this will be the very last book ticked off my list. I was told these two tales, no matter how magnificent, could prove quite challenging read. Will see…

5. Ernest Hemingway.

I am very interested in Hemingway’s writing style- short words, short sentences. Easy read? Maybe… Also, I am interested in his memories from youth. This book is a great place to start, do you agree?

6. John Milton. Paradise Lost.

I do not think, I would have chosen this book myself, but as often happens, this book found me (not other way around), it is sitting on my shelf and waiting to be read. I may surprise myself and actually enjoy it!

7. Alexandre Dumas. Three Musketeers.

My both parents love The Three Musketeers, I remember their enthusiasm about this book when I was a little girl. I believe it was contagious…

8. Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The Idiot.


Did I ever mention that I am fluent in Russian, even though, I always read in English? (I am also fluent in Latvian, which is my mothers tongue). I may step outside my comfort zone and purchase version of this book, in the original language it was written- Russian!

9. Leo Tolstoy. War and Peace.

I remember reading some fragments from Leo Tolstoy’s books in school. I was too young to appreciate his works then. I am looking forward to read it from mature woman’s point of view.

10. Anton Chekhov Selected Stories.

I must read at least one Anton Chekhov book in my lifetime- that’s how I feel.  They say he is the greatest short story writer…

11.Boris Pasternak. Doctor Zhivago.

This book was refused publication in Soviet Union, however manuscript was smuggled to Milan and published there in 1957. This makes me very curious about Doctor Zhivago.

12. Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes.

I know who Sherlock Holmes is, but who doesn’t, the man is a world famous fictional private detective! Now I need to find out about his cases! I am sure I will enjoy these books enormously!

13. Honoré de Balzac. Lost Illusions. (La Comedie Humaine #38)

This book was on my radar for last 5 years, but I never got chance to purchase it and always forgot to enquire about availability in the local library. I am so ready to read Balzac’s book, first time in my life!

14. The Arabian Nights.

Do I need to explain? This book is on my TBR list, because I am a dreamer, romantic and believer in MAGIC.

And the last, but not least…

15.  John Cleland. Fanny Hill or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.

I think this will be the 1st book ticked of my TBR list, as I truly enjoy the touch of sexual passion and sensuality, which I hope to find between the pages of this book.

That’s it.

How many of these books have you read, friends? Any favourites?
Thanks for looking.


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    1. Thank you! I honestly would not have done it, if I did not see your post, so thanks for inspiration! Yes, I must, I have heard such a good reviews on Pride and Prejudice and it has been on my list forever!