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The best way to store carrots.

August 14, 2018

Hey, friends. Carrots? What? It feels like an odd one, right? But I have decided to share more of my everyday life here, on the blog, besides- Carrots are one of my favourite veggies.
Are you finding it hard to keep carrots fresh and end up throwing out bunch of them every week? Does this sound familiar?- “I just bought these carrots few days ago, why there is mould on them, why do they rot so fast! I do not want to produce so much food-waste, but what can I do?” I have an excellent advice for you. And it’s super simple too.
Store carrots, partially submerged in the cold water, preferably in the glass jar. They will stay fresh for days!

IMG_2435 (2)

It works.
That’s it for today.
PS: I am writing a piece on my books-to-read list, so come back soon to check it out.