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Book Review. Is This Really My Child? Dr Cathrin Olsen.

July 19, 2018

Hi, there. If you are a parent or a carer of the child with ADD/ADHD this book may be for you. “Is This Really My Child?” is about drug free approach to ADD and ADHD. It is very simple, easy to read guide, to understanding connection between food child consumes and his/her behaviour. Even if your child is not diagnosed, but displaying some symptoms or you feel that you could use advice in parenting temperamentally difficult child, you may find this book useful. I am slightly sceptical about dietary changes advised by Dr Olsen, because this particular diet does not look strict enough, (still allowing sugar, bread and cookies), but on another hand, I know, that once parents are presented with the strict diet for the picky eating strong willed child, we, most likely, would feel unable to follow through with it. Dr Olsen talks about harmful food ingredients, such as food colourings and preservatives and how effectively eliminate them from child’s diet. I must mention that this book touches every subject briefly, without going into too much detail, for this reason, I would suggest this book for those, who are only now starting their quest for more natural approach to ADD/ADHD. It is great as introduction or a short guide, for someone who does not have time on their hands or patience for long, more in depth literature on this topic. It gets straight to the point without “small talk”.  I think it would be great gift to grandparents or aunts/ uncles of a child with ADD/ADHD.

Author mentions environmental triggers, but does not speak about screen-time and effect of modern technology, in fact the book is centred about child’s diet with the list of prohibited food and even few recipes for delicious, easy to make healthy treats. Dr Olsen also introduces us to BECCL parenting approach, which has proven to work in her own family and many others, also she gives great advice for Halloween treats. Her writing style is friendly and simple, I felt, as if it was just another mum chatting and leaving smiley faces under her notes, not a doctor.

Her moto is- “Substitute, do not deprive.”

Overall excellent little book and great addition to home library’s Parenting section.

If you are interested, you can buy it here