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Adam’s Pirate Treasure. Review.

July 16, 2018

It is a while since I done my last children’s book review, so I thought- it’s time.

First of all, I must say- We adore Adams Cloud . And I am sure, if you will read their story, you will love them too.

Adam’s Pirate Treasure is the second Adams Cloud book, that I purchased for my children, the first one was When You Were Born and that book moved me to tears with the simple and loving messages, that you can read even to the newborn baby.  As our 6 years old enjoys Pirate theme, we gave him Adam’s Pirate Treasure for Christmas, and 7 months later, he still brings it out to read before bedtime.


What I like about this book:

  • It is the fairy tale, yet it rhymes as the poem.
  • The kindness and magic in this book is simply amazing, Benji Bennett is a master at creating safe and friendly imaginative world for children, without a word that hints to disagreement, argument or nastiness, that we see every day in children’s cartoons and storybooks.
  • Sends message of love.
  • Suitable for families practicing Gentle Parenting.
  • The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! The children in the pictures are chubby-cheeked, with rounded tummies and happy smiles, just as they should be.

Overall superb buy, if you are looking for something extra special for your children, I think Adams Cloud is exactly that!

The one thing, I think buyer must know, is that meat eating is mentioned in the story-

“First prize is a sausage wrapped up in a bun…” There is also an illustration of sausages on the grill… I think vegetarians and vegans may not like that. If I was a vegetarian, I think, I would probably stick the carrot  or other veggie stickers to that grill to cover sausages, and I would swap words for- Carrot or Corn on The Hob. (Carrot would rhyme better…)

“First prize is the a carrot, wrapped up in the bun,

For the Pirate who scores us the first hole-in-one”

This actually made me laugh out loud, but I thought I should mention that point.

It is fabulous book, and we are actually looking forward to add more Benji Bennett books to our collection.

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