Shopping for the Scrapbook Paper.

July 9, 2018

Hi. If you are a scrapbook lover or the card maker, you may enjoy this post, because today, I am sharing ,my favourite scrapbook paper prints. Out of 32 sets, the last 5 are my very favourite. Or no, wait, I absolutely adore Nr2, Nr20 and Nr23. But really it is so hard to choose, I love them all! Enjoy!

1.Paradise Crush

Ah, Paradise Crush, doesn’t it say it all? Well, when I see this paper I think of holiday, honeymoon, romance and adventures. perfect for romantic dreamer like me!

2. Storyteller

Vibrant colours are eye catching and prints absolutely adorable. This paper would be my first preference for the personal journal.

3. Perfect Allusion

Look at those rich bronze and grey tones and deep burgundy. What a beautiful birthday cards one could make with this paper!

4. Wild Flower

This would be perfect starter for the summer themed journal. The vibrant colours and floral print is the ideal background for my summer photos and beautiful poems and quotes about the beautiful summer memories.

5. Kaleidoscope

6. Paper Flowers

Very cute. Very-very cute. For the girly girl or the girly woman. This paper is a must have!

7. Paper Designer

Well, what about this one. It’s elegant. It’s neat. Perfect addition to paper-addicts collection.

8. Vintage Sepia

When I saw this paper, I just knew it is the one I need for the scrapbook of our old cottage and all the people who used to live there for over two centuries. I like the pale prints and old-style writing.

9. Idea-ology

10. Memoranda

11. Baroque Damask

Baroque Damask is lovely for card making. The colours are rich and the prints are gorgeous.

12. Persian

Another pretty paper for card making or glue-books. I love colour combinations and bold design.

13. Baroque Lace

14. Floral Muse

Very feminine and romantic prints in gentle colour tones, I would use floral muse for the wedding scrapbook.

15. Sweet Paris

16. Mulberry Kisses

17. Pretty Posy

18. Love Story

Love story… Engagement or anniversary album, would sure look brighter if use this gorgeous paper,

19. Romantic


20. Antique Library

21. Peach Blossom

22. Poets Kitchen

23. Always and Forever

For the feminine journals, cards or Valentines day projects. Fuchsia is such an attractive colour.

24. Harvest Meadow

Beautiful colour scheme, lovely pint. It’s a winner for The Fall projects.

25. Dancing Daisies

26. Once Upon A Time

27. Gypsy Gypsy

28. Midnight Masquerade

29. Secret Garden

Secret Garden… full of flowers and wonder. one of my favourites!

30. Fairie Dust

I adore these prints! Fairy dust is the theme that would appeal not only to young girls, but also to adults, who still believe in magic.

31. Old Curiosity

32. Enchanted Forest

Well? What do you think, craft-addicts? Isn’t this paper just gorgeous? Which one is your favourite and why?



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    1. Yes, fantastic collection if I can say so myself. Once you start scrapbooking or journaling it becomes an addiction. We also use this paper to make bookmarks.