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The Magic Touch by Roseanne Williams. Review.

July 8, 2018

This is my typical “feel good” book. “Escapism enabler”. My “Comfort Reading Material” (My comfort food is chocolate by the way). This book is for adults only due to descriptive sex scenes.

Mills and Boon, Temptation 1991

The Magic Touch by Roseanne Williams.

Hero– Trip Hart is a veterinarian. He is a handsome bachelor, who suffered injuries during wild animal rescue. During his hospital stay, Trip’s mother hires a relief vet for his clinic.

Heroine– Brenna Deveney is a relief vet, who will stay in Trip’s house and manage the veterinary clinic, during his recovery.


In this story we see example of how alfa male deals with disability and loss of independence. Trip is an unlikely hero, as his disability is permanent, which is not very common in traditional romance fiction.

Additionally to his physical pain, need for assistance and possibility of losing his clinic, which affects his “male ego” as well as hurts his feelings, Trip is still dealing with emotional issues regarding his divorce.

But the beautiful Brenna has gentle heart, she falls in love with Trip,  despite his disability and body limitations, she thinks he is amazing and gorgeous man.

The Magic Touch. Page 112

But despite craving her love like a breath of fresh air, Trip is feeling inadequate in their relationship, because his body is broken and he will never be the same again…

IMG_2271 (2)
The Magic Touch, page 69

The attraction is mutual and the passion between both characters is stronger than Trip’s fear and uncertainties about future. They fall in love with one another. Reader is treated to delicious lovemaking scenes, needless to say- for adult eyes only.

Sex without mutual love, she has learned then and relearned after her divorce, was not better than no sex at all
-The Magic Touch. Roseanne Williams. Page 114.

Throughout the book, author used beautiful language to describe man-woman relationship in romantic and gentle way.

Now she discovered, that a man’s mouth could shape the most erotic of love poems without uttering a word.

from The Magic Touch by Roseanne Williams

Spanish words and quotes added exotic feel and uniqueness to this story, such a lovely way to introduce new language to the reader!

“Linda sin comparación” -Beautiful without compare

There is enough humour in the book to put a smile on readers face, which is definitely a bonus.

The positive points made in the book:

  • you can find love and happiness after unhappy marriage/ divorce
  • you can find love and happiness even in your 50s
  • animal adoption
  • choice to avoid painkillers (vaguely mentioned)
  • loving mother and son relationship
  • disability is not a reason to give up on your dreams
  • scientifically unexplainable and magical things happen
  • hope is important

I enjoyed this book enormously and finished within one day, but the ending for me was slightly disappointing. Until the very last page I expected miracle to happen, but it didn’t. However I do understand what author was trying to say.

Disability is not a reason to give up on your dreams

Have you ever read a book, where the main character has disability? (I believe I have read few Danielle Steel books, where disable people are at the centre of the story, she is very good at projecting all emotions vividly).


Cheers and Thanks for reading.