Using paper scraps for journaling with kids.

July 7, 2018

Are you throwing out all your colourful paper scraps? Are they taking over your house, if you don’t?

As I tidied my closed, I came across large box and 2 shoeboxes full of paper scraps in various shapes and sizes, some of them reused and some just cut offs from my card making days, and, to be honest, I wanted to throw them out, but at the same time I saw the potential (this is so me- to see a potential- Always…) 

I asked my son if he wants to use them for scrapbook and he did, but wanted me to help him. The mountain of paper looked quite intimidating to my 6 years old, so we teamed up for a mother and son craft-party.

I cut out shapes and worked on smaller details, while he decided how to arrange them and glued them in his scrapbook journal.

I am glad that he doesn’t mind me using pink colour and flowers and hearts, I am aware I make “girlish” things (see pink car with love-heart above). Because I am a girl, that’s why… hahaha. I know in the couple years, he will tell me off, with my hearts and flowers, then we will enter different stage, but in the meantime- pink…

We made some paper monsters and glued them on the brown recyclable paper, which was in the parcel, from the online order. I am not sure yet, what we will do with these monster pages, maybe we could make small Monster diary, he could write some stories in it, or make lists.

We reused tiniest of paper pieces, one needs patience for crafts of this kind, but it definitely has therapeutic effect. I also think when you craft as you go and make something without plan, you allow you brain become creative without limits. After these pages were made, I stood back and wondered, how did we think of that… I tried to use some items, without actually cutting them, just finding right pieces, that worked together, it was great exercise for my son to do it too.


Crafting together is excellent bonding experience. It is also a fun activity. Next time when you want to throw out old paper scraps, take a closer look. Could you make something fun out of them? If yes, then go for it! Have fun. And share your stories in comments.

Happy Crafting.