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Karen Whiddon, Dance of the Wolf. Review.

July 5, 2018

I am huge Mills and Boon fan, but I have never read their Nocturne series. (It’s mostly Regency or Modern for me). But when I saw this book, I was intrigued. Why? Because of the hero.


Hero– Dr Jared Gies is a shapeshifter. Man- wolf. However I did not know that he is also a recovering drug addict, just out of rehab.

HeroineElena Cabrera. Hispanic beauty who studied medicine, but through inheritance became a strip club owner. Her life is turned upside down, as she learns of existence of the ancient race- shapeshifters. More than that, she is surrounded by them, in her club. She feels connection with Jared, but will she be able to overcome her fear of the beast, who lives within the gorgeous man- Dr Gies (you will need to read the book to find out).


  • Blunt language. some slogans used, some rude language. Word “Hell” used over and over again.
  • Drugs used throughout the story, I am sure, it was unintentional, but few times the effect of drugs was almost glorified.
  • Three words, that were constantly repeated- Mate. Pack. Hell. Also it was unpleasant to be reminded so often about the wolf’s actions within-

Inside, his wolf – paced, stretched, howled, whimpered, was waking up, growled, etc. Always- “Inside, his wolf…” 

  •   Elena and Jared meet by accident, literally… She steps in front of his car and he hits her. But here is the thing- she is fine.

Front bumper of Mercedes driving at the full speed caught her in the hip, the force of the impact flung her onto the hood, hard enough to crack the windshield. But not to worry, she limps for a little while, after some speed walking few blocks back and forth, she gets better with every minute and by the time she returns to her club, she is perfectly fine.

For the last time.” She waved his concern away. “I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’m not going to sue you.”

His mouth twisted. “That was my primary concern,” he quipped. “But really, I need to make sure, you aren’t seriously injured.”

“Examine me yourself.” Her eyes widened as she realized what she just said, but gamely, she kept on. “I mean, you are a doctor, right?”

page 32

However he never manages to examine her at all, in fact all is forgotten after some unexpected events occur. But I can not stop wondering, why oh why author chose this particular way for the mates to meet.

  • Dr Gies is in limbo, he hasn’t lost his doctors licence, but he is suspended from the hospital. He thinks it will look good to the medical board, that he has been volunteer doctor in the Free clinic, looking after homeless people. Yet later he asks her to keep his work in free clinic a secret-

Hear me out. No advertising. If the hospital finds out…that might have bearing on whether or not they reinstate my privileges. You can tell people, but you’ll have to be low-key, all right?

She nodded.

page 94

But not to worry, doc doesn’t even get one customer throughout the book, even though homeless people were waiting in line outside the club for hours.

  •         Meth addict quits drugs, because she is pregnant? Highly unlikely, sounds good, but naïve.
  •        Fantasies is possibly the best Strip club in Dallas, yet, they have no cameras in the carpark.
  •        Dancer Ryan quits the job, yet later he appears in the club again standing up for Jared, maybe I misunderstood something…
  •        Your enemy, who you know is a murderer, is dressed to hide an identity while offering you a lift- in the back of the van. Why would you accept it?
  •       Fire escape was… strange.

So here I discussed some negative points about the book, trying not to reveal too much. Does it look too judgemental? If, so- I totally did not mean it to, I just wanted to be honest about some things I personally disliked.

Now, I want to tell about POSITIVE things:

  • The strip club was not your ordinary “dirty” place, it was rather high class, I liked that. Elena was great “boss-lady”
  • Teenage pregnancy shown in the positive way, there was no judgement, no advise for termination or giving baby away, this was very important point for me. In fact the baby and her story was my favourite part of the book.
  • Even though I mentioned it as a negative part, I must also highlight the importance of journey to overcome drug addiction. I know it was not lengthy and rather naïve in places, either through rehab or by strong will two heroes in this book have kicked drug addiction, and that should be celebrated.
  • The Healer. Wow. Totally made my day. Samantha is the lady I admire, I want to know more about her, I will search for the book in series about her, I am not sure yet, if it exists, but if it does, I am buying it.
  • Easy book to read even for not native English speakers.
  • Passionate attraction, one that did not disappoint.
  • Travel size book- excellent for holidays.

The positive points are important, teen pregnancy and the healer, made this book so worth to read for me personally, even though it took only few pages, those parts were definitely my favourite.



I would advice those who are considering to read this book, to start from the book one in The Pack Series, turns out Dance of the Wolf is the book Nr8- I did not know that, I picked it up based on the cover and shape-shifter hero. But when I started reading, at times it felt as if I have stepped in the middle of the story- which in some way I did. I wonder, if I would have met these heroes in the previous books, but I was not ready to invest in the whole series, before I knew, if I am happy with this authors writing style. I never read her books before. It often happens, that I buy last book in the series (or the middle one) and I do read them as a stand alone books- most of the time, it does not bother me at all. Now I must also mention, that books I buy, are from the pre-loved book store and I can not exactly find the books I am looking for, I choose from what they have in stock of over 25000 books, so at the time, when I was buying, there were just 2 Mills and Boon, Nocturne available, and I bought both, not knowing that they are part of the series.

I do not think, I will buy more in this series, unless I will find the book about Samantha- the healer. I have another nocturne book from “The Pack” but I will give it some time before reading it. Turns out, this was not really my thing, but once again, I am happy I stepped outside my comfort zone (slightly outside, as it was still a romantic fiction). 

Have you read The Pack Series? Did you like it?

PS: Currently reading-  The Magic Touch by Roseanne Williams.

Cheers and happy reading.