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Mix and Match Separates for Summer.

July 4, 2018

Hi, ladies.

Isn’t summer just the best season? We have been absolutely spoiled for weather in Ireland. It’s just marvellous outside! I thought it would be appropriate to write about my summer style today. So here we go…


I have noticed that I wear the same clothes over and over, because they are so easy to mix and match. Versatile is very important word, when building practical wardrobe. Do not forget, I am a busy boys mom, so to be comfortable is a must. Here is some criteria I use:

  • comfortable
  • versatile
  • easy to wear, easy to breastfeed in
  • easy to care for
  • suits my body shape, looks good on me
  • Love the colours and prints

My favourite pieces


  1. Denim shorts
  2. Stretchy mini skirt
  3. Floral pencil-skirt.


  1. Jersey print cami/ strappy top (fitted).
  2. Oversized T-shirt
  3. Pastel chiffon blouse- sleeveless.
  4. Check shirt with bell 3/4 sleeves
  5. Floral cold shoulder crepe top.


Diamante embellished flat sandals.


This check shirt is one of my favourites. I adore bell sleeves. Its great for the evenings and windy days. The fabric is cotton, so it’s breathable, it is loose fitting, so will not cling to the body. Definitely my star buy. I am looking to buy this one too, because it’s so cute…



This crepe top is from Penney’s, under €10 it was a great bargain for the quality of fabric. You can see look 3 here + denim jacket. Also I am in love with florals on black, Roman Originals, cold shoulder blouse (see here ) Frills make it look so feminine…

Pink chiffon blouse is versatile piece. I have worn it with black trousers and the cardigan to the parent-teacher meeting, it can be worn with the pencil skirt and the blazer for the job interview, as well as for the party. Below is my party look. (it looks brighter as different filter used)


The floral skirt is a special piece. Love it. This one is not on the market any more, but I have see lovely alternatives herehere, here and here

Jersey strappy top is a “must have” for me personally, I have several of them, in different colours. Its very easy to breastfeed in them too. I think I need chiffon strappy top as well, the print is lovely.

Another important part of breastfeeding- mom-uniform is an oversized t-shirt. Any kind. Any colour, any print. It works, I promise. You can get similar crop top here and the t-shirt here and here

So that’s it for now, hope you enjoyed this post. Drop a comment and tell me which is your favourite look. Talk soon.