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12 Unique Wedding Rings on the Budget.

Hi, ladies. We are on the treasure hunt for the budget friendly and unique wedding bands, so if you are planning a wedding and still haven’t chosen a wedding ring, then this post may be for you. Today we feature 12 Alternative Wedding Rings. All of them cost under €100. Romantic. Solid Sterling Silver, leaf […]

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A Dozen Things That Make Me Happy

Hi, friends. Lets talk about HAPPINESS today. Not the happiness caused by lifechanging events such as falling in love or becoming a parent. No, let’s talk about small, everyday things, that bring us joy, yet we often take them for granted. So here is my list. 1. Tidy House.   The objective of cleaning is […]

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Using paper scraps for journaling with kids.

Are you throwing out all your colourful paper scraps? Are they taking over your house, if you don’t? As I tidied my closed, I came across large box and 2 shoeboxes full of paper scraps in various shapes and sizes, some of them reused and some just cut offs from my card making days, and, […]

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