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Old Cottage. Taking Photos of “Before”

June 28, 2018

When we are in the farm, I rarely stop to make photos. There are so many hazards there, I have to constantly follow both kids to keep them out of harms way. Quite often I have no other solution, but to carry my youngest child, which proves difficult, because he wants to run around and explore, I understand that, but it’s not safe there, just yet. He wouldn’t sit in the buggy, nor in his bike, tantrums follow, in the end I can’t wait to go back home, to the place, that is child-proof and safe. One day, as I was snapping the photo just before jumping into the car to head home, I realized, that even two years from now, the place will look completely different, as I hope by then, our house will be re-built and the whole area around the house will be clean and beautiful. I knew then, that these little photos will be the only evidence of how house and the farm looked, before we changed and improved it. These are not just ordinary photos, these are important, historical photos. Some day my youngest son will point at the picture and ask- where was this taken, and I will laugh and say- here. Summer 2018…

DSC_1221 (1)

Inside the house looks awful, but really what could one expect of the few centuries old cottage. Oh, if those walls could talk! I bet they have seen everything… However, it is hard to imagine, we can make liveable, neat family home out of it, but we can (architect told so hahaha)

It does not really matter how inside the house looks, as all the layers will be peeled and scraped off. The floor, the ceiling, the roof, none of that matters, but it is scary to undertake such a big project. Correct word is- intimidating.

The wait is awful too, when you are so ready to move into your forever home, but there are planning permissions to be obtained, even before renovation begins. Let’s not even talk about finances this time hahaha.


Yes, this one is an oldie! It will definitely look different once we are finished with it.

Now I want to take million photos for our family album, so one day we could look back and smile, remembering summer 2018.


Talk soon