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The Last Wicked Scoundrel by Lorraine Heath. Review.

June 27, 2018

Once again I bought the last book in the series and read it first… Typical! However it could have been a standalone book, as author explained the past of both heroes quite effortlessly. I loved the style, in which the story was written, I am happy for that, as I have bought several books by Lorraine Heath. And will definitely buy more in future.



William has been an unwanted, abused child, left to tend for himself at the young age, trained by “the master” grave robber, the young man has many skills and many friends and connections. With the stroke of luck William is taken under the care of aristocracy and has been educated as one of their own. Now he is a royal physician, the respected man. The man of honour (and the handsome scoundrel too…) Dr Graves is a nice, gentle man and a loyal friend. But he holds some dark secrets from the past. These secrets are heavy weight on his heart, they are the reason, why he thinks, the woman of his dreams, will never be his. Feelings of shame and guilt follow him throughout the book.


Winny is a widow, (or that’s who she thinks she is). A victim of domestic abuse, who was once almost beaten to death by her husband she was rescued by Dr Graves and through his kind and gentle care she gained self-respect and confidence- I liked this turn of events the most, it gives hope to those women, who suffered in the hands of violent men.

But her peace is shattered 4 years after her husbands death, as it seems, he is risen from the grave to haunt her… Is the Duchess of Avendale really going mad? Or maybe someone wants her to believe, that she is losing her mind? Is she in danger? Read to find out……
Easy, quick read for the weekend break or a short holiday, perfect travel size, just pop in the handbag to read while waiting for doc’s appointment or in the hair-salon.


I enjoyed this book, even though it was quite short, and I would have liked more romance and drama. But now I am on the lookout for other books in the series. So stay tuned.