Vintage Simplex Milking Machine.

June 26, 2018

Sometimes unexpected things happen…

We got unexpected surprise, when, after buying the house, we found this vintage milking machine, in the shed. Ta-dah!


We are currently gathering more information on it, but seems, like it has been manufactured in 60s by Simplex Dairy Equipment Co, which no longer exists.

My partner vaguely remembers running along with his granny, when she used this very machine, maybe in the 90s, but I know nothing about milking machines. I grew up milking by hand and drinking raw milk, and I lived to tell the tale, moreover, me and my siblings were very healthy children, raised on the real food, and we sure knew, how to work hard, from the early age.

So, what does one do with the thing as this? Surely it would be a sin, to just sell it? We have decided to try to restore it and get it cleaned to display inside the house. I actually can’t believe we are doing it, but yes, we are. Stranger things have happened…


What would you do?

Other ideas included:

  1. Donate to the agricultural museum.
  2. Paint over and put it in the garden, and plant ivy on/in it.
  3. Sell.
  4. Leave as it is in the shed, maybe our grandkids will know what to do with it (hahaha)…

We chose-Restore and display with pride! Good one, right?


Talk soon.



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