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Fun day out for boys. Vintage car show.

June 11, 2018

My son loves vehicles, from tractors to helicopters and everything in between. He even has his own book collection about vehicles. The trip to Vintage and Classic car show was excellent surprise to my little boy.

Tough guy expression… hahaha

With over 250 vehicles to admire, petting zoo and gigantic slide, the event attracted children of all ages, and kept them entertained, while adults done the boring part- “blah, blah, blah…” talking of course…

I always say, that my kids thrive outdoors, my oldest boy is a hurricane trapped in the small body, it is such an honour to be his mama, one day, he will do great things in this world, but for now he is just a little boy, who wants to play all day, who wants to see things and go places. Active like his dad. Me? Well, you know me- slow, introvert homebody.. In these situations of mixed personality type families, main thing, is to find balance and routine, that works for everyone.

Childhood is magical place to be in. All we can do, is to love and accept our children, for their unique personalities and build beautiful memories one day at the time.