Grandmas Old Textiles. My Fabric Love.

June 4, 2018

Today I just want to talk about my fabric love. I love fabric. In every colour, texture and print (ok, except skeleton prints, I do not like those...) But really, I could keep stacks of textiles in every room for sole purpose of brightening up my day by looking at them. Of course, I like to sew too hahaha


Curtain off-cut.


I want to show you all fabulous textiles, that I found in the Grandmas Cottage. Every day we work on the property, I find some old and beautiful things. So if you are fabric addict, just like me, you may enjoy this post.

I was surprised at the quality of fabric, all but one, were strong and still bright in colour. We have to take into consideration that it has been in the box and even under the bed, for many years, and during that times house was unoccupied for several years, with dampness in the air and cobwebs everywhere…

The smell however kept lingering after several washes. Soaking in the bread soda done the trick. I also soaked some fabric in the apple cider vinegar and it done amazing job in eliminating the old mouldy/ musty smell, but if you use the vinegar, be aware that it could fade the fabric, therefore must be diluted.  I just used approximately 150ml of ACV on the large drum of water. Left fabric to soak over night and used mixed fabric wash 40C following morning, dried on the line outdoors. Ta-dah! Smell is gone!

Most of these fabrics are off-cuts from old curtains. Some are just never used large fabric pieces. The biggest piece is dark mauve stripy fabric, it is almost 4m long, I still do not know what to sew with it…

I want to make something special out of all fabric pieces as it belonged to my partners beloved grandmother. Definitely few cushion-covers, table runners and other things I can use in day to day life.

Flannel bed-sheets are the best! Simply the best and most comfortable!

Vintage and retro prints are so beautiful!

You can see brands on some items.

I am considering to make large puff out of these pieces as they are strong and thick, and will look good with our brown leather couches.


Red cotton sheet with green ivy print would have been perfect for some Christmas project, but it rips with every touch, strangely it hasn’t lost it’s vivid colour… I think I may use it for card making.


Isn’t it just fabulous piece? It served as a curtain for the attic window. I have no idea how I will use it yet.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed my post. If you are fabric collector, drop a comment below and share your story.