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The Walk in Rural Ireland.

June 3, 2018

Hi. We are still enjoying warm weather in Ireland, all that winter snow was worth it! I am homebody, but even I can’t stay indoors these days! We went for a walk today and I have few photos to share with you.

Untamed wilderness is my favourite, just as mother nature intended! And the air is most fresh in these places.

Nettles up to my knees.

I have joined #MegaMotherhood June photo challenge on IG, with amazing Jamerrill and already have met few lovely mommies through it, isn’t it fantastic? You can follow me on IG and join the challenge too, it’s fun. Today was Day 3 and the key word was SMILE, so I took the photo during the walk, no make-up, no problem…

Many reasons to smile.

Oh, forgot to tell, I have got purple hair for a while. It’s non permanent, in fact it will only last for up to 5 washes. But it is fun and different for these summer days, when we are surrounded by flowers and butterflies.

This is beautiful. This is freedom and joy and calm. This is Life.

Oh how I love Irish countryside! It almost brings tears to my eyes…


And I can’t stress enough the importance of nature in children’s lives, we have to keep the human+ nature connection alive, in our modern world, that is full of technology, it is so good for us to escape to the places without WIFI and phone coverage.  It is amazing those places still exist, but it will not be so, for much longer…

As a mom, I can truly appreciate the magnetic power, muddy puddles have on the little boys. (chuckling as my son steps into the puddle backwards)

That’s it for today, friends.


Talk soon.