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Save the 8th Amendment. Ireland. ProLife.

May 20, 2018

The pain finally broke though my walls of self defence, and I wept last night for all those babies, who will never be born, if the people of Ireland will vote to repeal 8th Amendment.


The pain was real, as it went through my body almost choking me in its wake, all those lives, cut short by the word of their mothers and abortionist knives.

  • Medical– up to 9 weeks, abortion pills cause the baby to detach and be expelled from the womb.
  • Suction up 6-14 weeks, a tube with the knife edge tip is inserted into uterus, the baby is then ripped in pieces by the suction from the tube. Baby’s head is crushed.
  • Dilation and Curettage. Up to 12 weeks. The cervix is dilated and the baby is cut to pieces with the knife.
  • Dilation and evacuation 12-24 weeks. The baby is crushed so she/he can fit through the cervix. A pliers like tool used to crush baby’s body- skull, legs and arms.
  • Intra-cardiac Injection is used from 10 weeks to full term- the lethal dose of poison is injected into the baby’s heart.
  • Partial birth. Performed on late term abortions to full term. Alive baby is partially delivered with only the head remaining in the uterus. The head is pierced and the brain removed to collapse the skull. The now dead baby is removed.

Oh my God, this was so hard to type, it made me physically ill. I ask again- who are those monsters, who perform those evil rituals? Who do they worship?

Last night I felt as if I was drowning in the sorrow. Then I prayed, for the babies who have never been born and for the babies who will never be born and for the people to save their offsprings/ foetuses. What an evil world we live in, where the mothers march for the rights to kill their unborn… What an evil world indeed…

“The fight for the right to life is not the cause of a special few, but the cause of every man, woman and child who cares not only about his or her own family, but the whole family of man.”

– Dr. Mildred Jefferson

Aren’t mothers supposed to create life, not take it? Aren’t women supposed to nurture not destroy? The real woman- mother- will defend her small with her life, will fight for it nail and tooth, not pay abortionist to enter her with the death tools to slice her baby in pieces. I can not even imagine what kind of human can perform this act of violence on innocent and most vulnerable human being- the baby. I understand they are called -doctors and they hold licence.. but what licence- to kill? Isn’t doctor supposed to do everything in his power to save life, to cure, to keep person alive? So what about the innocent baby?

Love Both.

For a minute, lets speak about men. Men will have no say. If the woman will want to do an abortion, the man may never find out that his child has existed  and then been murdered. Or this- what kind of man would support woman in committing this crime against their own child? During the war or attack, real man would fight fully armed enemy, with his bare hands, till his last breath he would defend his child, and he may lose own life in the process, but he would never sacrifice the child for own good…

Or agree to abort his baby, because wife has twins and it’s inconvenient… (Yes, outrageous as it sounds, there are over hundred of twin abortions performed annually in UK.)

Our children are our future. Without children there is no future. So will the real man fight against abortion?

The safest place in the world for the baby used to be his mothers womb, how on earth did it happen, that it’s even considered acceptable to talk about pulling baby out and shred him to pieces! It’s unthinkable, it’s outrageous, it’s violation of everything that’s sacred!


They have disguised depopulation agenda as a “women’s choice”, “woman’s rights”, ” compassion and kindness towards women”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not your right’s to take a life- it’s a crime.

“It seems to me clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.” – Gandhi

It’s not your body to make a choice, it’s baby’s body.  You are not aborting yourself, you are aborting the baby, it’s his/ her body and it must be his/her choice either they want to be aborted. Obviously- they don’t. Would you choose to be aborted?

Where is compassion and kindness in killing another human being? And how does that help the mother?

“How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.” – Unknown

Abortion supporters and yes voters keep knocking at the door, keep putting leaflets in my letterbox, don’t waste the paper, guys, I will vote NO, because I know that both lives matter- mother’s and baby’s.  I have not been fooled and brainwashed by those gorgeous as sin celebrities, influencers and “everybody who is somebody” who promote the idea of robbing child of his/her human rights, by terminating their lives. No, I care not for those people, I listen to my heart, and the heart says- Love and Life. Not death.

“Yes” activists use the name of Savita Halappanavar, as a reason for abortions on demand, even though if one read HIQA report, they would know, that it is NOT the 8th Amendment, that was a cause of poor woman’s death.

They use Down Syndrome as a reason to kill unborn, as if a child with disability is less precious and less loved. Ask families… But beware- they may kick you in the face, if you suggest their child was better off aborted.

I am Pro-Life and Proud!

Our constitution states that both mother and the baby have a right to life, and should be protected.

“Incompatible with life” is another term used by pro-choice activists. but the fact is that the diagnosis is not always accurate. Read the amazing story of Kathleen Rose Harkin  here

Some babies are not meant to stay, but their lives are precious too.

The story of a little angel – Wishes for Lilly Ann  

photo of the booklet we got in our letterbox,


Even if the diagnosis is correct, why cut life short, why don’t live through those precious minutes or days with your baby?

Sometimes people assume that abortion is a solution to rape pregnancies. But is it really?


Even psychiatrists, who are pro-choice agree, that abortion is not a treatment for those, who are suicidal.

-Professor Patricia Casey, Mater Hospital and UCD

The support for crisis pregnancies is available in Ireland, adoptions also are available. There are so many couple with fertility issues, they would love the baby, even if the biological parents don’t.

There is a couple I know, who did not want the baby at first and were considering abortion, however after the baby was born, they fell in love with her, she is the light of their life now. Other girl wanted to borrow money from me for abortion, I refused, later she thanked me for that, her son is the sweetest child and really clever too. There are so many stories like that out there, it breaks my heart, that parents do not give a chance to the baby and to themselves.

The truth is, that abortion hurts women.


Woman will forever wonder, what if…  Would my baby grow up to be a tv-star, architect, singer, doctor? Would my baby grow up to discover the cure for cancer?  Here is the list of 12 celebrities, who were almost aborted, among those Celine Dion, Cher and Jack Nicholson.

I have seen few posts about abortion, which absolutely romanticizes the act of murdering ones child. The woman who travelled to England for abortion, shared the experience online, she told the baby was born “stillborn” (well in fact, the baby was aborted, not born, baby was killed), she said they had fairy lights on the floor, and special decorated nursery and person came in to take photos, and it all was so tragic and sad… She told that they chose to cremate the baby and return to collect ashes on the due date. She expressed her wish, that every Irish woman is allowed to give birth as she wishes, here at home… Do you see the problem here? She just aborted her baby, who as she admitted was already moving in her body, when they booked the trip. Who are they fooling, trying to show abortion as beautiful tragedy. Women in Ireland will never get fairy-lights and the nursery with photographer. And it was not a birth that she chose, if it was, she could have had it in Ireland. Abortion. She avoided the word like a plague, yet the act was done, the child lost life.

There is an excellent video from Dr Niall Maguire, what can we expect and why Irish must vote NO. Please watch it here, it is very important to understand the reality side of it. Thank you Dr Maguire!

Finally I want to encourage those who are Pro Life do not be afraid to speak out, someone must go out there and love those unborn babies. And speak for those who are voiceless and innocent. I know Abortion activists are aggressive, I have been verbally attacked by them too, but the thousands of lives are at stake. The war against humankind has began, so one has to choose side.

“Yes” activists are sneaky too, the rip off “Vote No” posters, they cover them, they destroy brochures and do everything in their power to discredit No Vote activists. All we can do is to keep up good fight.

Thank you Every Life CountsLove BothProLife.iePro Life CampaignYouth Defence and many others for their tireless work. Bless your kind hearts. Excellent resource on those pages, so check them out.

Much love.

Toni. (former foetus)

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