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May 15, 2018

Hi, guys, as promised I am sharing with you my recent book purchase from The Book Shop .

I am Romance girl, always been. Fictional stories with  beautiful ladies and gorgeous gentlemen are my favourite read- Mills and Boon  for romantic heart…  My favourite usually are Regency, Modern, Historical, but this time I bough Nocturne, so exciting! (hint- shape-shifters…)


I still collect Nora Roberts books, she is my favourite… 3 books- new addition to my collection. Happy Days!


I am really into non-fiction right now…  It was such a luck to come across these books in pre-loved book store (And snatch them for €2 each!), I heard about Continuum Concept some while ago , and was really fascinated to learn more about it, so now I can! And maybe – Why men don’t have a clue & women always need more shoes, will (finally!) give me some answers- no, not about shoes, that one is easy…

IMG_2050 (2)

My problem with non-fiction is, that I quickly become bored and start reading new book, being fiction addict, it’s not always easy to concentrate on slow moving real-life topics. However… if the book is about something I am curious about, I do not put it down until it’s finished, I may even sacrifice my sleep in order to finish it…

“She eats books for breakfast…”

“Well in this situation main thing is to stay hydrated…”


So here we have it 11 books- and not any books, but real gems- if I may say so myself, all bundle under €20, delivery included (within Ireland). And one happy mama!

Bought any new books recently guys? What is your go-to genre? There are books I never buy- Horror and True Crime. Maybe some day I will surprise myself, but I genuinely doubt that- it’s for relaxation I read, and I do not want to lose the sleep, between pages…


Talk soon. In the meantime- Don’t Just Stand There- Pray Something


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