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May 4, 2018

In the past few years we have missed out on 5 weddings and numerous special occasions, because there was always a good reason… While I was surprised and upset of some judgemental reactions, about us not attending, I strongly believe that people are not obliged to accept every invitation. I think it is understandable, that my partner choose to stay at home with me, if I am unwell, instead of attending a party alone. I do the same for him.  I would not like someone to attend my party, if they do not wish to be there, or if they rather stayed at home with their newborn baby, or feel unwell or just can’t afford it, I would never judge someone for choosing what works best for them and their family. 

As I said we had good reasons: my partners injury followed up by painful recovery, my pregnancy (I know, I know, I could have attended the big party with the big bump and I would have looked radiant, many women do that,  but I choose not to, as long drives exhaust me, and I liked to lie down during the day, I do not need to explain myself, right?). One very important reason, for staying at home, was our firstborn, he is very active child and I am always anxious to trust other people mind him. Then baby was born, with the breastfeeding on demand- which was every 15min, I could barely leave the house. I am still breastfeeding 19 months later, even though it is easier to go places now, as he enjoys his snacks also.

I am homebody, my mind is buzzing with craft ideas, I have several unfinished art projects, DIY ideas to try, books to read, my sewing machine waiting for attention, etc. etc. I am never bored. I am relaxed in my lifestyle of stay at home mommy, I chose it. I am happy. Of course there are things I would like to improve, you know simple things, like keeping place spotless 24/7, looking perfectly beautiful from the moment I wake up, till the moment I go to sleep, and during sleep, if possible, too hahaha!

Yes, sometimes I miss my high heels and bodycon dresses, it’s only natural, but really, as a busy mama I prefer comfortable clothes and flats. Most of days…

But there are days, when mama dresses up and has the date with the dad. Those days are extra special and I like making an effort.

Needless to say- Red is for seduction…

Of course I had to carry the books, just because… #booklover

Isn’t this dress just delicious? I bought it here

Have I told you, that all my clothes must be nursing friendly? Well, this dress is perfect, because the cross back straps are not only beautiful, but also stretchy…

The weather is lovely these days, but, as always, it will not last, we are expecting rain in three days. I never put away my knit jumpers too far, unapologetically, I wear them all year round, well, we do live in Ireland after all…

But, for now- less is more hahaha


I only wore this dress once, for our date night. But it’s so versatile, which I love, I can dress it down with flats and oversized jumper, style it up with nice accessories and shrug and attend a wedding (we will not avoid them forever). I know once kiddies get little bit older, we will need to work on our social life, but it’s all just a noise in the background. Family, is what really matters to me.

I believe we all must live the lives we are meant to live. Stay at home mama is my choice and my destiny, and if I can doll up once in a while, (between diaper change, vacuum cleaning, doing laundry, dish washing, sheet changing, floor washing, clothes mending, home work helping, cooking, dusting, blah, blah, blah, + fill in the rest) I am happy.