Hoody with the broken zip.

May 3, 2018

Hi, friends. Today I want to show you quick DIY, I completed in one evening. I think it’s silly and smart and cute all in one, but the main idea behind this quick project was, for this lonely piece of clothing to become useful again, and to do, what it does best- to keep toddler warm.

I bought it 6 years ago from another mom (I love to support other mothers, in fact I think, that people should buy pre-loved things more, and swap whenever possible, without feeling cheap or embarrassed)…

So, bought the hoody 3x cheaper than in store, really warm, nice, very happy with the purchase, but…  soon I became aware, that there was a fault in the zip (ah, honest description of the item you sell is a rule, this wasn’t nice to do to fellow parent, she should have told.). We kind of struggled with it for a while and then weather got warmer, so I put it away and forgot about it.

But if you put away too many things, the room gets cluttered, so few years later I realized, that I urgently need to de-clutter. It was easy to get rid of evening dresses in red colour (Why did I even have FIVE occasional strappy dresses in red?!). They were sold within weeks, as it was Prom season at the time, and not every parent was able or willing to spend hundreds on the evening wear, which I totally understand, and approve of, so they opted for my dresses priced at €5- €20 per piece, these were great bargains, and all the girls texted me back, about how much they loved their dresses. Win-win. But other pieces I could not sell that easy, such as damaged items. I revamped old tops and skirts, some sold as fabric scraps. But the lonely hoody remained on the bottom of the box. I never attempt to replace zip, I see how much hassle that involves, and I am not willing to do it. I was giving this tots hoody free, but over year later, nobody wanted it. Just shows, that I am not the only one, who doesn’t want to replace zips. Yet, I wasn’t ready to throw it out… I had this hot pink button and button hole scraps, and decided to sew them on to hoody, it was so easy to do, I can’t believe it took me years to find time for this little project. I used sewing machine for two straight stiches, and rest done  by hand. I am happy with the result, and hope this hoody will find it’s new owner soon!

What are you up to, my friends? Working on some exciting projects? Maybe de-cluttering, crafting, doing exciting DIY? Share in comments or find me on IG here