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What to collect? For Little BOYS.

April 19, 2018

Hi, friends, I thought it would be fun to talk about things, that small boys can collect, so if you have little boy in your life, you may enjoy this post.

  1. Coins.

Numismatics- it feels like very serious hobby, which could only be interesting for grownups, but this assumption is far from the truth. I have 6 years old boy, who enjoys collecting coins, and is very proud of his collection. At the moment he collects only Old Irish coins, but that may change in future. With the passion of 6 year old he arranges them by the animals featured- Pig, bull, horse, fish, dog and one rabbit. He also has hen, but the coin is too big, so it doesn’t fit in his small book. He does not know about years and such, yet, but he has many years to study his coins, and while he does it, the value of collection will increase.

Things to consider- If you have very rare and valuable coin, I advise not to give it to young child just yet, in case he loses it or it gets stolen from him.

2. Stamps.

I can not speak about collecting, without mentioning stamp collecting (philately), because it is one of the oldest and most popular hobbies in the world. Of course it is more suitable for grown ups, but child may find it interesting to arrange colourful stamps by colours or images. I have often heard children collect stamps with animals or vehicles. You can allow your child to cut them out of the envelopes, when you receive mail with lovely stamp, or alternatively buy stamps in bulk either online or in local car-boot sale. you can get awesome value, something in range of 200 stamps for €2, and your child will be busy for days arranging them.

Things to consider- If you own old, rare and valuable stamp, do not place it in child’s care. It just wouldn’t be fair to place such a responsibility on the young boy, the stamp could rip, get wet, get lost or stolen. So only trust children to collect and play with stamps, which hold no value- monetary or sentimental alike.  I never purchase new stamps for his collection.

3. Miniature vehicles.

This would be my number one choice of collection- fun wise, if I was to make decision and invest money in the hobby for the boys. Cars, tractors, trains, airplanes and busses are fun! But my boys are not very careful with their toys, and collecting toys is different compared to collecting coins, because toys are for play… I do not want to be that mum, who walks behind them during the play and nags- “Careful, don’t break the car!”, for this reason my boys do not have valuable collector model cars just yet, maybe when they are older and understand the value… As for now, if they had one 18k cold car and one made of plastic, they would not know any difference and they would drive both of them into the muddy puddle hahaha.

4. Lego.

Lego is amazing toy and will look beautiful in little boys room in dedicated place, like shelf or display cabinet. My son usually brakes them after day or two, but if your kid takes great care with his Lego, this is excellent idea for building collection. I know it may take lots of space to display all Lego vehicles and buildings, alternatively child can collect only Lego- people, with or without their little tools, cups, money, etc.

Things to consider- keep away from small children, as small details present chocking hazard.

5. Tickets.

Bus, train, airplane tickets, museum, zoo, hurling match, concert tickets… Some kids may find it boring, but others will have fun remembering special day out with the family. Tickets can be glued into scrapbook with photos of the day, and other tiny keepsake, which could be anything from chocolate bar wrapper to dried leaf. This hobby is for 6+ boy, and will provide nice chat opportunity.

6. Medals.

Boy can collect his own medals, or all family medals, some could be inherited from grandparents or passed into family for generations, most popular would be either sports medals or war medals, but anything in between goes! If you do not own any, it could be fun to comb thrift stores and car-boot sales and see what gems you and your little boy could find. This collection usually would be displayed on the wall, and rarely touched. Also, it would grow in value with age.

Things to consider: Keep away from young children as string causes safety hazard. Any valuable medals should not be placed in young child’s care.

7. Miniature animal figurines.

Miniature animal figurines is excellent collection that can combine play and hobby. For younger kids buy something unbreakable like wood, rubber, silicone or plastic, as kids grow older can introduce porcelain. It can be all animals or just one type- dogs, for example. Or if you are been particular, you can try and see how many purple tortoises you and your child  could collect.

Things to consider- younger kids might put toys in the mouth and chew on them, make sure they can’t bite piece (tail, leg) off and choke on it. Do not allow small kids play with these, seemingly harmless toys, unattended.

8. Rocks, fossils, and dry leaves. Nature Walk themed collection.

From the very young age, my son would pick up rocks or leaves, during our walks, to bring them home. We would keep them in the jars and vases. We also have herbarium, once dried, we use leaves for card making. So if your child is into bringing outdoors- indoors, he can collect-  Rocks, fossils, pinecones, chestnuts, leaves, flower petals, etc.  You can also buy crystals, amber, amethyst, rose quartz and other stones that you cant find in the park. This collection is natural and beautiful, and provides ours of play and crafting (some stones can be used for beading, such as amber).

Things to consider: Do not give to small children as smaller stone would cause chocking hazard, bigger stones could cause damage if thrown at the window or television, or parent.

9.  Shells, sea stars and driftwood. Marine themed collection.


Marine themed collection would appeal to any little boy. You could add to it small anchors, compass or little boats etc. Boys room could be decorated accordingly and collection displayed on the shelf.

10. Books and Comics. 


Unintentionally we have collected dozens of books about animals and about Christmas. If your son likes one particular topic, like dinosaurs or pirates, you could try to build collection for him. There are series, for example Noah and Logan or Frankie’s Magic Football which would make great collection for a little reader. If you looking for budget option, choose pre-loved books, great selection here.

11. Cartoon Characters.


Skylander vehicles.

It can be anything from Peppa Pig, Mike the Knight, Danger Mouse to Scooby Doo and Skylander vehicles, if the boy has seen it on TV, the chances are he will love it in his room.

12. Action Figures. Heroes and Boy Dolls… Of course! Superman, Spider-Man, Iron man. All tough looking guys for little boys to look up to. You know He- Man Heroes. Or just ordinary boy doll who looks like, well- a boy…  Meet – Kite Flyer Finn excellent option for those who practice Gentle Parenting and want to start boy- doll collection.

13. Dice. Ever since my boys started playing Snakes and ladders, they are fascinated with Dice. Small in size and can be found in all colours of the rainbow, perfect idea for small apartment living, boy can keep all collection in one jar.

14. Table games. Snakes and ladders. Connect 4. etc. Takes lots of space, but provides hours of fun.

15. Swap cards and stickers. Ah, who didn’t go though football or Pokémon card swapping stage…

16. Watches. Wouldn’t it be fun for boy to collect all his plastic watches until he is able to buy his first Rolex…

17. Baseball caps. My son currently obsessed with his red Ben Sherman cap, he probably will build his cap collection one day, he just loves them!

18. Marbles. Small size items to collect, suitable for City living, marbles are so pretty boys will spend hours playing with them.

19. Stationary. Pens, pencils, rulers and erasers, so many beautiful items out there, little geek will love to have them beautifully arranged on his desk. Bonus- they are useful and inexpensive.

20. Pins, Badges. This is one of my fav ideas. Collecting badges is easy and fun, and allows your child to express his personality. Either he wears “Future is Vegan” Badge with the rabbit, or the Superman badge, people will know, what he is all about… (and respect him for it). They can be worn on the denim jacket, peak cap or just displayed on the wall at home.

Things to consider: Keep away from small children and even if your boy is 6-8, he may still need you help to attach badge or take it off to avoid pricking his finger. I would suggest buying quality brand, as cheap ones my open as child moves and hurt him.


Well, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed my post and found my ideas useful. Are your boys collectors? If so, share your stories in comments.