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Comfortable. In my Clothes and in my Skin.

April 16, 2018

Hi, ladies. Who else is rocking casual style? This is my look for being “out-and-about”, you know, for those days when you have so many things to do, so little time and many-many distractions and de-tours. This outfit ticks boxes.

I love colours, but, in the past few months, I feel strong preference for navy and grey. This marl top is so comfortable, it’s one of my fav pieces right now. There are certain outfits which look unflattering on my mommy-bod, well, this top is not one of those. I am slightly surprized that I am not rapidly losing my weight as it happened after my 1st pregnancy, but I am not concerned about it, my body knows what it’s doing, and I am not going to diet to lose the “fat”, I have never dieted in my life and sure not gonna start doing it now, while I’m breastfeeding. They say breastfeeding helps to lose weight, and I am sure it does, but it’s not a magic trick, I know when I am nursing, it makes me hungry, if I get too little sleep, I crave chocolate, and when girl eats cookies and chocolate, it’s hard to lose weight… I am not worried about it, because we are all different, and we are all beautiful. I am pretty impressed with my body to be honest, I gave birth to two babies and I have spent three years of my life breastfeeding. (Badass, right?!)


I recently bought a hair mist for beach wave look, and while it adds certain dryness, it definitely helps to create effortless wavy/ curly hairstyle, even in the windy Irish weather. I am planning a trip to hair-salon soon, so changes are to be expected in a week or so.

Theses photos are taken at the Old Cottage, which we are planning to renovate/ re-build. The building behind me is a shed, full of junk- treasures. I have so many projects planned to use up some of the things… (surely it’s a sin to throw out 50-100 years old things…)

On the same day, we travelled to Nenagh, Co.Tipperary, both Erika and my partner had a business to attend there. I went book-shopping (of course!), and we also bought new pair of shoes for the baby.


In Nenagh, Co Tipperary.


Finally I want to send message to women, who are concerned about feeling exposed, without coats and jackets covering their bodies, from judgemental stares of the strangers, who have their own ideas, how women’s bodies should look, these coats covered you, as the shields protect warriors from the enemies, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Do not give power to other people to diminish your worth. Rock your curves girl, or petite slender body, or maybe you are super tall- good for you! Be you- with pride! Wear what you love- with pride! Mini skirt or tracksuit bottoms, who cares? Heck, if you feel like badass Diva in the lacy bloomers, who am I to tell you “this garment is out of fashion since 1930…” Love it- wear it.

That’s all!