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Children’s book- The Sports Day.

April 10, 2018

The Sports Day by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. My boys love it! The short story is about the fun day out for children and their teachers and parents, playing games and having competitions.


This book will appeal to boys and girls, mostly for those who love sport and physical activities.

It’s quite funny, but it also teaches few lessons. It takes minutes to read it, and my son always loughs out loud when turns out one of the eggs, in the egg and spoon race, was raw… I know vegans will not approve of that, but you know when my son had egg and spoon race in school, they just used raw potato.


Love her gladiator sandals!

There are several things I like about this book:

  1. Its positive.
  2. The kids look healthy- pink cheeked, with soft round bellies.
  3. It encourages physical activities.
  4. Community spirit/ family involvement.
  5. It teaches, that you do not have to win, to have fun.


I guess I should mention the good value for money, as it was part of the 3 books for £5 deal.

So, if you ever see this book, in the book store or even better- in the thrift store, do not hesitate to buy it, your children will have fun reading it.