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The happiness is… Books!

April 6, 2018

In the past couple of weeks I have done good bit of online shopping, it is the most convenient way to shop (for me personally). And while I struggled to choose from which online store to purchase clothing, and went through nightmare, of make-up and beauty product buying (headache inducing task, if you ask me) online shopping for books was awesome- feel- good experience. My go-to place, for fantastic selection of pre-loved books is- The Book Shop, with the stock of over 25k books, I always find something amazing there, for me or my children. So, the parcel arrived yesterday, only few days after placing an order. And, as always I took ridiculous amount of photos, and done a lot of smiling… Happiness is books!

I always look through Non-fiction section first, in case, I find something unusual, and boy I am never disappointed! I found some gems this time (and every other time too!).

“This is your brain on music” by Daniel Levitin is the book I have never expected to find in pre-loved shop, simply because once you a book like that, you keep it, but here I am- the proud owner! It probably will take months, before I find the time to read it, I am busy mama and I do prefer fiction, romance in particular, hundreds of beautiful books are waiting to be read ASAP, but I am excited to read educational material also.

Visual illusions is another surprise find. See the pic above, well it was hard to find the profile of Napoleon, his wife and the son, but I did it! Other books I am so excited to read are these two-


See the hand, yup, its my year and half old, looking for the book, but getting tea tin instead hahaha


I have purchased several fairy-tale books for the kids, but since they are targeting my books now, I have decided to start buying “grown-up” books for those little-men too…

There he goes, looking for the book… I am saying: “One second baby, mummy got the book about cars for you…” He is into vehicles right now, so he carries the book “Classic Sports Cars” everywhere with him now, he even took it to the bed last night hahaha, and we have successfully learned colour -red, because there are loads of red cars in this book!



Cuppa, chocolate and the book-  perfection!

Hope you enjoyed my post.

Cheers and happy reading!


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