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If I Will Never Read Those Books Again…

March 23, 2018

I have been trying to de-clutter as much as I could, but for the “Collector of Everything”, which is me, it’s incredibly hard. I have said goodbye to the huge amount of my belongings in past year, generating approximately €1500 in the process, and what surprises me the most, is, that I do not miss them at all. I do not even notice those things are gone, because I haven’t used many of them for years! So, the dreadful day arrived, when I could not avoid book- decluttering any longer. I decided to choose up to 10 books a day (no more), which I am ready to let go of.


I am ready to say goodbye to these pocket size Romantic Fiction books. They served their purpose, by helping me to survive long sleepless nights and never-ending breastfeeding sessions with my 1st baby. Now, they must go and be loved again, by another hopeless romantic.


There are several reasons, why book-addicts do not keep every single book they buy.

  • Inadequate storage. I believe this to be the most common reason. I need space, for my new books. In the past month I purchased approximately 40 books. I am rapidly running out of storage space, but I am so excited about new additions to my home library.


These babies come from my fav pre-loved online bookstore, The Book Shop 


  • Raising funds. Either for charity or to purchase new books (swap option works well too), selling your old books is a one sure way to make extra income.
  • You own several copies of the same book. I have two “Da Vinci Code”, one of them was a gift, I picked up the first book in the local Charity store. The one I purchased, will be sold as a part of the bundle in nearest future.
  •  If you do not re-read, let them go to be loved by someone else! I love this reason. Why should I keep those books, collecting dust, on the top shelf, while someone else out there, in the big world, is in need of new reading material. However, it is not as simple as that, sometimes we get attached to our books, maybe they are gifted by our loved ones, or we bought them during the special trip. Sometimes we love the story too much, or just want to build the home library, or maybe want to keep only those books, which are in perfect condition, black and white covers or particular genre, or hardcovers only, we choose to keep those special books- and it’s awesome too. There are no rules, when it comes to book-loving. Except the obvious ones like- “Do not steal” (One lesson you do not need to learn from Sophia Amoruso), and “Do no harm” (in the name of the book or any other)


I have the habit of buying books judging by their cover only. Sometimes I have 5 minutes to spare, so I race into the thrift store, grab dozen of books, (if available I always go for half-dressed/ half undressed couple in the embrace on the cover- they are my favourite! Beautiful ladies in the beautiful dresses also are my “go-to” items …)


Currently reading Cinderella Housekeeper. Ah, the fairytales for grown up girls!


I pay in record speed and race out. Minimal financial damage- loads of new reading material- a win-win situation! At times I arrive home without having any idea, what kind of books I bought. “Oh, wow, I bought Danielle Steel, nice!” But, if you are impulse buyer, you will know, that sometimes book is not, what it seems (same goes for people), and we end up, with novels, that are not “our cup of tea”, to put it gently. I do not enjoy books with adultery in it, (there are some exceptions though), but quite often, I say goodbye to the story, for this exact reason; there goes Maeve Binchy “This Year It Will Be Different”… The child death is sensitive subject for me, so I try to avoid those books. I still have “The Gift”, by Danielle Steel. I really want to give that book away, as I did not like it at all, but because I have collection of her books, I keep it, even though I know, I will never reread it… Also- no true crime or horror for me, thank you very much, if you gift it to me, it just may be given away unread.

I wish, I had friends or relatives who love reading, I would gift them some books, or swap, but no one I know reads… (How sad!) so when I sell or donate my books, they always go to the strangers.

If I will never read those books again… I want someone else to enjoy them. I want those pages to be turned, with racing heart, reader wondering, what future brings for the beautiful and brave heroine.

Do you keep all your books? How do you choose the ones to keep, or to give away? Share in comments.


Photo from few years back, during book inventory.