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The Aristocats. Not for children.

March 15, 2018

I remember watching cartoon The Aristocats, when I was a child, and I liked it ( as far as I can remember), I was sorry for poor kitties and was very concerned for their safety. But I had forgotten about this story/ cartoon until recently, when I was shopping online for pre-loved books and came across this one in the children’s section.


I do try for every five novels for me, to buy one for the kids, anyway, I saw this book and said to myself- “This will be awesome!”, but it wasn’t…

Funny, how reading as grown up, I notice things, that I did not give much thought to, as the child. Or maybe the world is designed that way, to normalize, unacceptable things using all means available- television, radio, books, school etc., and to expose young kids to bad habits and cruelty from the young age, when the brain hasn’t fully developed to process received information in correct way, so we grow, not fully understanding what is right and what is not. You are probably wondering, what this blabbing is all about… See image below-


Ahh… bottle of champagne! Yes, but not only that. Alcohol and kids books- big no-no for me. Just- No! If you are a writer- please don’t use alcohol in kids books. Ever.

Also this- Inheritance. Attempt to murder because of it.

He planned to take Duchess and the kittens to the countryside and drown them

The butler put some sleeping pills in the cats milk. Wicked man! I did enjoy the story as a grown up, but will not be reading it to my kids again, or if I will, then only my own personal version, that butler wanted to take them to his granny’s house, because she loves cats.

This book is a short version, which I did not realise, when ordered online, but you can see, that book is tiny, only 13 small pages, but it’s OK with me, I do not need more detail, and pictures are nice. This book is printed in 1995.

Also I would like to mention another point in almost all fairy tales, the male hero. He is always there, coming to the rescue. Lady (and her kittens this time) would be lost without him. Happens every time! I am old-fashioned romantic, and enjoy to see people (or cats) finding their other half, but I am not sure, this is the lesson, we want to teach to young girls. (Mine are boys, so to teach them to rescue a Lady does not bother me at all). Sometimes I wonder, what mark have these stories from my childhood left in my subconscious mind of a young child. After all, it was weird to listen about girl cutting her toes off in order to make shoe fit, so the prince would marry her. And the always perfect male- hero, who makes impossible-possible….


Are my expectations too high because of those silly fairy-tales, which are, quite often, not suitable for children.

Have you noticed how many children’s books are promoting wrong things- such as violence, alcohol, cigarettes, lies?

Or do you think, I am overthinking? Overreacting, over- analysing…

Share opinions below.

Happy reading.