Closer to nature, with kids.

March 12, 2018

We have spent so much time indoors between cold weather and different viruses, that have chosen to attack our family this year, it was nice to spend some time outdoors. Once again, we visited Templemore town park and were rewarded with peaceful atmosphere and birdsongs.


Four seasons in one day may be correct, but really we are rather drifting between spring and autumn constantly. We are lucky if we get two weeks of summer a year, so do not wonder, when you meet Irish wanderers in Spain, Italy or Australia- we are just looking for sunshine, that’s all! If you are moving to Ireland stock up on warm jumpers and winter hats- you will need them, any crop tops and strappy dresses can be donated…

Anyway back to the topic, spring is here, birds are singing, early flowers are blooming, the feeling of awakening is in the air, and I am hoping to catch that vibe soon, spring clean is on the agenda… I find being closer to nature gives me peace of mind and reduces stress, which is unavoidable if you are stay at home parent, or just trying to do too much in short time, and skipping on self-care (as many mothers do I’m sure). Just half an hour walk in quiet atmosphere is so much more than just a fresh air and exercise, its a recharge of a kind for a tired (physically and emotionally) mama/ woman/ person.


It’s amazing to watch my kids love nature as much as I and my partner do. I can see their eyes shine, when they are running on the grass and picking up leaves and pinecones. I can’t wait, when we will finally move to our new- old farmhouse, it will be the best thing for kiddies to live on the farm and to grow our own veggies, I dream about that day! But in the meantime- Town Park will do.