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The Beast From The East in Ireland.

March 3, 2018


Have you heard of #BeastFromTheEast ? Well, we are living it now, but honestly, it does not feel like a beast at all, so we are lucky indeed. Yes, it is quite cold, been -6C, but my dad, who lives in Latvia said, they had -30C another day, so why should I complain… The worst thing, that we are experiencing right now, is inability to leave the house by car, because roads are dangerous, Irish drivers are not used to these weather conditions. I have not been able to take driving lessons for few weeks now, twice because of the weather conditions, and twice because I had a flu.


We stocked up on food days ago, just in case, and it’s a good thing, because some shops are closed and even when they were open, everything was sold out, I mean, how weird is that? School has been closed since Thursday, and I am not sure if kids will be back to school on Monday, but I guess, weather will get back to normal by then.

Kids are having fun, and I am reading a lot and drinking hot tea way too much. We bought heating oil in time before country “shut down”, also I bought the last electric heater in Dunnes Stores, so we are warm and cosy. I am happy we had not lost electric power, (our Dublin friends have not been that lucky…)  because then, I have no idea, how could we heat this house, we have the open fire, but the thing is just so tiny, there is no way it could heat up the house. Renting house is no joke, you gotta take it as it is, red walls, tiny fire-places and all…

It is Red Alert in all Ireland, but here- in Midlands, it does not feel as such, we are doing fine, thankfully. Atmosphere at home is very relaxing, I am enjoying every minute of it! hahaha.

And did I say, that scenery is beautiful in peaceful, calm way.  Christmassy- sort of… (Hello, March!)


Rural Ireland is most beautiful, wild and romantic. I think I should frame this photo, how poetic it looks!


Cheers, friends.

Stay safe, keep warm, feed birds, and do not drive unless you absolutely have to.