The Unique Blogger Award.

What a lovely surprise! Thank you, dear Audra, (Audra’s Book Blabbing) for nominating me for this award! I only started blogging little over three months ago, and I enjoy it enormously. I love being part of amazing blogging community, to share my stories and document my daily life.   Rules: 1. Display the award. 2. […]

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Closer to nature, with kids.

We have spent so much time indoors between cold weather and different viruses, that have chosen to attack our family this year, it was nice to spend some time outdoors. Once again, we visited Templemore town park and were rewarded with peaceful atmosphere and birdsongs. Four seasons in one day may be correct, but really […]

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Ireland | Travel

The Beast From The East in Ireland.

  Have you heard of #BeastFromTheEast ? Well, we are living it now, but honestly, it does not feel like a beast at all, so we are lucky indeed. Yes, it is quite cold, been -6C, but my dad, who lives in Latvia said, they had -30C another day, so why should I complain… The […]

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