February 27, 2018

Last week I discovered, that I have almost ran out of dried leaves and flowers. We use them for decorating and card making. Me and my oldest boy used to go to collect beautiful leaves quite often, but then, I had a baby, and we somehow forgot about this lovely activity. He would pick up leaf or two, when I walk him from school, but it’s daddy who collects him from school more often than me, by car. I was not surprised to see my herbarium was almost empty…  But my Valentines day flowers are dying, so I decided to dry those.

I know, some book lovers will worry about me sacrificing the book, but to my defence, I will tell- it was second hand book and already in sad condition, when I bought it in local charity store. I must admit, that many of my books “have seen better days”, I feel comfortable with old, tired books, much more, than with new, white paged, smooth, perfectly clean books.

Whenever I have stocked up herbarium, 80% contains leaves. For the card-making I mostly use leaves of all shapes and sizes, other supplies are-  hot glue, brown paper, lace and buttons. I miss our card making days, when me and my boy made at least few cards every month, we must get back to that tradition, I do not know where does time go these days, when I have to constantly carry, feed and attend to every need of my little one. He really loves to be carried in my arms too much. Even though, I want my kids to remember childhood, with mama’s arms outstretched, ready for a hug and snuggle whenever they feel like it, sometimes I wish I had hour or two undisturbed crafting time too. But kiddies grow so fast, I really do not want to complain, they are everything my heart ever wanted. I do find time to craft in the evening, when kids go to sleep, and funny thing is, that my most productive time and the biggest inspiration always come at night. Nocturnal human. These days however, I have opted to spend my evenings reading. It’s also one of my favourite pastimes, particularly when house is quiet.


It will take some time for these to dry. We really must collect more leaves, funny how other day in the park we never thought of it, the only thing my son brought from the park was a pinecone. And he took it to school to show it to his friends… “Meet Pinecone, he is from the jungle.” (hahaha)

Bye for now.


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