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Style. Library. Shopping. And De-cluttering.

February 26, 2018

It’s still cold in Ireland, my suspicion, that spring has arrived, proved me wrong, it’s freezing! Trousers for me, please! Of course, the most important question remains- Can I breastfeed in this with ease? Yes I can! The wrap top with nautical motif has seen better days, and I have decided to get rid of it soon. We went shopping and to the library on Saturday and I had fab time! It was my 1st trip to the library this year, I still have too many unread books at home, but I just love library so much, the atmosphere there is amazing.

I have been de-cluttering (or attempting to!) for a while now, and was not surprised to find clothes in my wardrobe from 10 years ago, when I first arrived to Ireland, with the tiny vintage suitcase, and made it my home. How many things have changed since then! But the clothes still fit, 10 years and 2 babies later hahaha! However it’s time to let go. These black trousers for example, were purchased with traveling in mind- the front pockets are knee deep, you can put passport, mobile phone, tissues, chocolate bar, tickets, keys, gloves, candy, with more space to spare! But, I am mama now, and  do not stuff pockets any more, (laughing out loud). So, pants do not serve the purpose any longer…  I know I will never be minimalist, no matter how much I admire them, (and I really do!), but I want to make life easier by reducing amount of things I own. I will write soon about that, I promise. The point is- trousers (and the truckload of other things) have to go…

I think month passed, since I had my hair dyed silver colour, it has partly washed out at this point, but I still love the way it looks.

If you are curious about the book I chose in library, it’s -Fearless, by Cornelia Funke. I know it’s YA, (I got it in teen section), but I was in the mood for fantasy… magic… something out of this world. Page 93, loving it.

Well, I will say, bye, for now.


Talk soon.