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Riga, Latvia.

February 24, 2018

Hi, guys. Finally I am getting chance to share our holiday photos from Latvia, Riga ( it was years ago!) I was pregnant with my 1st baby at the time, and we were making long journey  from Riga to Astrakhan by car. We have spent just few days in Riga, but weather was so beautiful, we had absolutely amazing time. We enjoyed shopping, but had hard time to get anything nice to eat. If you ever visit Riga, Lido is the best place for food. You can also buy lovely souvenirs there.


We went to the zoo, even though it always makes me feel sad for the animals in captivity. There was petting zoo for the kiddies with piglets, rabbits and goats. I think most animals looked quite depressed there, to be honest. I think there is no future for the Zoo, as such. In the past 10 years I have been in the zoo three times (twice in Dublin and once in Riga), and maybe I will never visit another zoo again.

I love parks in Riga, the trees are beautiful and you can see and hear birds everywhere. I also love old buildings and to watch people walk buy, always busy, ladies dressed to impress in lovely, stylish outfits. You can tell, that in Riga, style and appearance is very important.

We had no opportunity to go to museums, art galleries, opera, theatre or ballet. I regret missing all that, but I wanted to spend time relaxing, we had no plans or schedule, we walked a lot, and as I was 6 months pregnant, I got tired pretty quickly. But, why should I worry, we can do that all in future!


Hope you enjoyed my post and our holiday photos (with the big bump!)