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Just be you. And be comfortable.

February 22, 2018

Since I became mama, my style has changed, and I bet, if you are mama too, you will understand why. I am on my feet all day, I carry this little bundle of joy in my arms for hours, honestly, I would not survive, if I had to wear heels all day, and I swear, I lived in my stilettos when I was 19… Well I am 19 no more! Another big factor in my choice of clothing is breastfeeding. In past 17 months, whenever I choose clothes I ask myself- “Can I breastfeed with ease in this?” If my answer is “Yes, I can”, I wear it.

Jeans are every mamas friends, particularly for those days, when we plan to get some extra work done, such as a back yard cleaning, you know, jobs that involve lots of bending and carrying stuff, for these tasks, nothing beats the comfort and practicality of the jeans. Even though, I do love pretty dresses and skirts, if I plan to spend some time of my day playing on the floor with the little one, or kicking football in the back yard with my 6 years old, I need to be comfortable.

I must say, that I do not feel, like I sacrifice style for comfort, after all, if I feel pretty, I feel good. And I do feel pretty! My advice as always is this- wear what you love!