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In the mood for… Historical Romance.

February 20, 2018



If you know me, you will not be surprised to hear, that I am in the mood for Romance, once again. Well, it never really went away, I just had no time for reading, with all family being sick and spending some time working on different exciting (and not so exciting) projects. In December, I was studying for drivers theory test and also had to read enormous amount of literature about Cattle Farming in Ireland, to help my partner with his project, (Oh, goodness, sooooo boring!). Anyway, I survived!

Here is the treasure I bought in one of my absolutely favourite online pre-loved book store- The Book Shop where you can find thousands of pre-loved books, costing as little as €2 per item. So, if you, my dear reader, are located in Ireland, check it out.

I just started reading Regency Innocents by Annie Burrows, but I am already loving it.  First novel is The Earl’s Untouched Bride, and it’s about young lady proposing an Earl to marry her, instead of her runaway sister. I can guess that love will blossom, even though currently he thinks young Heloise is boring and bland. His heart was broken by her beautiful sister Felice. We will see what happens next, but at the page 45, he has already decided to marry her and starts to notice the beauty hidden behind her boring and cheap outfits, as I ma typing this, the couple is heading shopping for new outfits (So exciting!).


Are you reading anything special? Are you also romance lover? What is your favourite thing about romance? For me it’s predictability of Happy-ever-after, love, romance, sweet emotions and easy reading experience in general. Nothing ugly or complicated for me, thank you very much. Reading is my escapism and relaxation. I love to be in that beautiful place, where nothing is impossible and the wildest of dreams come true and the true love is so beautiful it brings tear to my eye… Here, I warned you, that I am hopeless romantic.

Love and Happy Reading.