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Dogs Go Shopping by Sharon Rentta

February 20, 2018


Reading with my kiddies is just such an important part of my life, that I have decided to add new category- Children’s Books, to my blog. I think I have failed my Goodreads Challenge last year, because I read too much Children’s books, and not enough adult fiction (I have spent several weeks last year reading one particular Non-Fiction book, Drivers Theory test, questions and answers. I did not bother to list these books in my Goodreads “read” shelf, well, anyway I failed Goodreads challenge, but, Thanks God, I passed my Theory test…

So about this book…


Dogs go shopping, is awesome, beautifully illustrated children’s book, which will appeal to baby and 7 years old alike. It’s sweet little story about mum and Max going shopping for dad’s birthday present and while mum is looking at boring things, Max is looking for fun gift for daddy- in toy department, just to find himself lost… Of course, mummy finds Max and she is not angry at all, they purchase perfect gift for dad, chosen by Max!



It takes under 15 minutes to read it. And it was part of the 3 for £5 deal. So win-win in every way. I was considering to stock up on this type of books for my sons classmates for next Christmas, instead of buying Christmas cards. I still have plenty of time for that though.

Happy reading!