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Child’s drawings inspired by comics and games.

February 20, 2018


My 6 years old loves drawing, and the most amazing results he produces, when he draws in secret. Recently he has been spending time playing computer games, which led to pretty amazing artwork. I am thinking to frame some of these for our new house, maybe to display beside original house plan prints.

IMG_1851Some of his work is pretty minimalistic and is created in under  10 minutes. Then he announces it’s finished, and no way he would add extra detail to it. I keep all his drawings so I have 2 large files, I admire his creativity, and secretly hope he will choose the job in future, that will allow him to express his artistic side.


I ask him to explain me the idea behind each drawing and usually he has  quite interesting story to tell. We project our own experiences into the pictures we see, and often, we do not understand true meaning, unless we ask. It’s refreshing to see life through innocent child’s eyes.


The use of colour is amazing. But even if he chooses just one marker or pencil, his never fail to impress me, and I hope it’s not just because I am his mama, but because he is talented little artist.

Do your kids love to draw?