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Less Chemicals.

February 19, 2018

Hi, friends, today I just want to share with you couple of my favourite products, and the reason why I am doing it, is because I have made a resolution to try to reduce chemical use in the house this year. I know, the best thing would be all handmade, natural stuff, baking soda, vinegar and essential oils, and I am looking into that, but for now, I need something handy. So here we go, my parcel from Nourish arrived today, and here are some of the things I have fallen in love with…


I know I am not there yet, but I love those little steps I am making, it feels like  beginning of the important journey, no-fluoride, fragrance-free, organic and such. One day I will DIY everything (well there is always a hope)! 

I have always thought that, if you choose ecologically “cleaner” product, you will pay triple price and it will not do good job. My partner refuses to use non-toxic toothpaste, for this very reason, he says it’s useless, and I must admit some of them are not great, out of several brands, that I tried, Kingfisher (Fluoride-free type), Sarakan and XyliWhite are my favourite.

Same goes for washing up liquid, some non-toxic or “cleaner” brands will leave your dishes greasy, Ecover is the 1st eco brand that is so awesome, it leaves my dishes sparkling clean, I love it! I like the laundry softener too, but I did not try the washing powder yet, (fingers crossed, it will wash my (and my boys!) clothes well).

In past few weeks, I used tee tree oil, for washing the floors, but decided to try Lilly’s Eco Clean for a change.

My next step will be to swap packaged tea for loose leaf tea, it’s not going to be easy, we have used packaged tea for many years, but after watching video, how many chemicals are used in producing tea-bags, I am willing to undertake this challenge.

Overall, I feel great making those little changes, choosing organic, clean and cruelty-free brands, whenever is possible.

Are you on this journey too? Are you also Zero-waste person? Vegan? If so, let me just tell you- You are awesome, I admire and love you! You, guys- vegan, zero-waste heroes, minimalists, you make this world a better place!