Drilling Water Well in Ireland.

February 14, 2018


So, if you have noticed my absence for few long days, I can tell you me and all family were all very sick with flu. I also had something suspicious going on with the right side of the head, it was the worst pain I ever experienced, which unfortunately is still unexplained, because doc could not find anything wrong. Lucky I am recovering and ready to share my stories with you again!

So while I was weak as a kitten, there was impressive machinery in operation, near the house we recently bought. Water well drilling was taking place!

So if you are curious about the process, here are some details.

You find the best place for drilling, by calling water dowser (person with the forked stick ), our spot was so strong it almost lifted the guy of the ground (not joking!), we did not expect to be drilling in this particular spot, so keep an open mind for location.

You do not need planning permission for Water well drilling in Ireland, but there are some regulations to take into consideration, mostly for prevention of water contamination, it must have considerable distance from the pollution sources (such as septic system). We are talking at least 100m.

There is grant available in Ireland for the properties without water supply, but to qualify for that, you must meet certain criteria, the location must be your primary residence, ( and it can not be under construction), house must be of certain age. You must apply for the Grant PRIOR the drilling. Inspector will call out to view your location.

You can apply for tax refund, even if you are not registered farmer.

There will be heavy machinery in operation so take caution and never allow kids near area unsupervised.

For us job took about 3 days (not full working days), it may take more or less depending on the soil.

You will have to leave well to settle for couple of weeks, month possibly, before sinking the pump in it.

You should expect to pay at least 3.5k for the job and the pump. Most likely around €5000.



Talk soon.