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Birth affirmations. Junk Journal.

February 4, 2018




During my second pregnancy I decided to start journaling/ scrapbooking, including positive thoughts and affirmations, to inspire myself for positive birth experience. My 1st birth was traumatic for me and the baby and with second child I wanted to experience uplifting sensation, (At beginning I did not even believe it’s possible, but I read story after story about birth, that women call “beautiful”, “empowering”, “amazing” , and I wanted that for myself). My first step was to join natural birth group on Facebook, second read Ina May Gaskin Guide To Childbirth and third- take care of my body, big part of which, was to manage stress in every way, some readers may find this book helpful. (also important are healthy food and supplements)

Journaling was amazing. It was my escapism when I was sad or worried, it was my kind of meditation, repeating affirmations, That I wrote onto the decorated pages, so often, that I actually understood, that “Beautiful Birth” was not a myth, but a real possibility. So I made it my goal, to do whatever I could to achieve the birth of my dreams.

I did not by special paper or tools, for two reasons, 1- I was on the tight budget, 2- I had too much junk at home, that I did not want to throw out, so I decided to reuse it in beautiful and useful way. Some of my favourite pages are made of my oldest sons (who was 4 at the time) drawings and paintings. If I was buying, I would choose thisthisthis and this, and gorgeous this paper. And just in case you are looking for more paper ideas look here and here.

I asked favourite women in my life, to make one page for my journal to glue them inside. My son also made drawing of me and the baby inside, it’s one of my favourite and most treasured items he ever made, I love it so much!

There are lots of empty pages inside, I hope girls in our family will take advantage of that and will use it for inspiration during their own pregnancies. I like to think this journal will be something that will stay in our family for many, many years to come. Even though I only have sons, so it will depend on the wives they will choose.

I wanted to look through this journal during birth, if I feel weak or ready to give up and ask for epidural, but that moment did not happen. I had journal with me, but birth progressed fast and I had no time to look through it. But that did not matter, all the months I worked on it, helped me to achieve, what at beginning I thought was impossible.

I had beautiful, empowering, amazing birth.

My Rainbow Baby, Kevin was born in the gentle, easy way, healing me from the trauma of the past.

I hope I inspired you to make your own Birth Journal.

Thanks for reading my story.