The Travel Journal DIY

February 1, 2018


Hi, guys, just wanted to share images of the Travel journal I made out of different materials, that were laying around the house- cardboards, magazines, advertisement brochures, ribbons, lace, beads, key, pearls etc. No tutorial, but you can see what I have done here, cut cardboards for pages and find some clean white pages and maybe maps, glue cut-outs to the cardboard, decorate, punch the holes in the same level, pull ribbon or twine through, easy-peasy! You will need hot glue gun, glue stick, puncher, twine, scissors, ruler and materials you want to use for your journal.
What am I planning to write in? Travel quotes and everything holiday/ travel related, my plans, impressions, ideas, contact nr and email addresses, websites that inspire me,even poems! Will glue in tickets, photos, receipts, hotel cards, chocolate wrappers and such things that remind me of the trip. I know it’s not ideal in any way, but somehow I love its charming imperfection.
Talk soon.